Digi-Cool’s Torture Lab

Would your digital refrigeration system analyzer survive Digi-Cool’s Torture Tests?

At Digi-Cool, we know that techs are hard on their tools. That’s why Digi-Cool invented the ‘Torture Tests’: rigorous durability tests to make sure our products can survive just about anything.

After spending a few hours in the Digi-Cool ‘Torture Lab,’ our analyzers and tools will be happy to work for years and years for you.

Even when smashed with a hammer, run over with a truck, or drowned in water, Digi-Cool’s tools survive.

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And we really hope you don’t treat your tools this hard!

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Digi-Cool’s new AK-900 is now available.




The AK-900 allows you to quickly analyze, troubleshoot, and make highly accurate decisions about complex HVAC systems.







Learn about the the new AK-900 built tough by Digi-Cool!


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