The Digi-Cool Analyzer is upgradeable to support new refrigerants introduced in the field. Note that the unit is limited to the pressure ranges and resolution it is designed for, which may not be optimal for some refrigerants.

USD$35 / CAD$50 for up to 4 additional refrigerants
USD$7 / CAD$10 for each additional refrigerant beyond 4

To upgrade your unit, please contact customer support with the refrigerants you wish to add. The process will be similar to warranty or service requests; you can choose between rapid replacement or standard service.

You can also update your DRSA 1200 to a DRSA 1250. This adds a LCD backlight. It also upgrades your DRSA 1200 to dual temperature sensors.  This kit will be available early 2009.


TS-1140, TB-1140, TV-1140

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