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Question: What if the display is visibly cracked?

Contact Digi-Cool for service.

Question: What if the keys do not respond?







* GA/ABS is inactive when in SI mode. Press ENG/SI to switch to imperial units

* Contact the manufacturer for service

Question: What if the LCD has dim contrast ?







* Press LCD UP to increase contrast
* Replace batteries with a fresh set

Question: What if the pressure port is loose against the case?






Answer: Tighten the speed nut using a deep socket or wrench. Do not use excessive force. Apply a small amount of thread lock if desired

Question: What if there are strange characters or patterns seen on display?







* Press 1SEC/5SEC/HOLD to exit from any test mode displays entered accidentally
* Press PWR to turn the unit off and back on
* If the unit has been exposed to extreme cold, allow unit to warm above -4?F (-20?C) and try again
* If the unit has been exposed to extreme heat, allow unit to cool below 122?F (50?C) and try again
* Remove batteries, hold PWR key for several seconds, and reinstall batteries

Question: What if there is condensation inside display window?







* Allow unit to warm to ambient temperature.
* Open battery compartment and allow unit to dehumidify in a dry or air-conditioned environment for 24 hours.

Question: What if there is no display when PWR is pressed?







* Increase LCD contrast. If no response, press PWR and try increasing contrast again.
* Check if batteries are installed. Install fresh batteries and try again.
* Check polarity of batteries
* Follow the battery replacement procedures. If any batteries were left installed in reverse for some time, they may be drained. Remove the old set, wait 30 seconds, and install a fresh set.
* If the unit is hot to the touch, allow unit to cool and try again.
* Reset the unit: remove the batteries, hold PWR for 3 seconds, and reinstall the batteries.

Some batteries have negative terminals that are slightly recessed, or covered by insulation near the edge of the bottom end. The battry clips contact points are not in the centre of the battery. They may not make contact with the conductive terminal, resulting in no power.

* Avoid those batteries. Most batteries like Energizer and Duracell alkalines work fine.
* SLIGHTLY bend the clip in the middle of the contact using pliers, so it protrudes near the middle of the battery terminal. Use as last resort.

Question: Why does the display flash?






* You may be exceeding the 200psia and 550psia working ranges, or you may have selected a refrigerant unsuitable for the current pressure reading.
* Disconnect pressure connection to system, press ZERO to recalibrate


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