1600 Review

test“When servicing or troubleshooting, the analyzer becomes more valuable in determining any problem without pulling out the PT… doing calculations and so forth. It’s mostly all there on the display.”

Dan Whitten, 23-year AC/R Technician
Rosetown Central Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Brampton, Ontario, Canada


to “1600 Review”

  1. Wesley Olivert on June 25th, 2010 2:03 pm

    I purchased a DSRA from these guys about 7 years ago only 1 issue after 100s of service calls. Last year the suction transducer went out I called the company to order a new one because they have been one of the best tools I have ever purchased. I was expecting to pay for the part since the unit was 5+ years old. They however sent it out to me at no cost not even shipping. In the refrigeration business reliability and service above and beyond is everything that is why I have recommended this product to many people over the years.