Founded by a refrigeration technician, Digi-Cool Industries understands the needs of field technicians in refrigeration and cooling. Going from site to site, moving equipment from the service truck to the roof top, reaching over and under equipment, in rain or shine, these factors are all in a day’s work. Tools for the trade must be built for difficult environments, whether service challenges come from poor accessibility, visibility, legislation or weather.

In an era where the costs of service are increasing compared to equipment, efficient service is key to providing competitive refrigeration and chilling solutions. Our innovative products are simple to use to minimise training, durable and tough to reduce downtime, and powerful in use to reduce time spent per job. With professional wages rates, saved time from effective diagnosis directly benefit your bottom-line. Our tools empower your staff to become trouble-shooting experts, literally overnight.

Our leader, Doug Lockhart, has been offering HVAC/R design-and-build services for 20 years with Lockhart Industries in Duncan, BC, Canada. Digi-Cool Industries aims to continue his reputation for well-engineered products and quality service. We stand behind the products we build and work to collect and incorporate user feedback to improve them.

Digi-Cool Industries also believes in responsible business practices to safeguard our global environment. Our products are engineered its total life cycle in mind. We encourage our customers to act responsibly towards the environment as well, as we only have one planet to share.


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