The Patented, Powerful, and deadly accurate AK-900 refrigeration guage

Refrigeration guages

Introducing the AK900.

The AK900 with Manifold is now available from the Digi-Cool Store for just $299.00.


Amazing performance at an awesome price!

We built one of the world’s first digital refrigeration system analyzers in 1989. Now, we are bringing you the next stage in digital HVAC evolution—the AK-900.

With patented ‘bar-graph technology,’ extreme durability torture tests, and an intuitive ‘tech-focused design’ — the AK-900 is made to help you better understand the loads of data, see the importance of small pressure fluctuations, and better monitor system performance.

Intuitive trouble-shooting

Smart design is based around the needs of techs in the field.  From a large LCD display, ‘no toggle’ screen, to user-friendly real time updates, the AK-900 gives you far-reaching refrigeration analysis in a highly readable format.

Deadly accurate. And can take a beating.

Accuracy is why digital beats analog. And the AK-900 kills in this category with .5%. Plus, our famous torture tests show exactly how tough and reliable our tools are. Drown it in rain, crush it with a truck–the AK-900 will work hard for years and years.

Professional tool.
Full support.

We know Digi-Cool products aren’t the cheapest. But we don’t take shortcuts. You get full customer support. Affordable upgrades. And a strong, one-year guarantee.

Download DRSA AK-900 Data Sheet

Download DRSA AK-900 User Manual


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